This is Simon. Simon and his wife have just had their first baby. The baby isn't sleeping so Simon is feeling a little foggy headed as their nights are disturbed and his wife has now been diagnosed with post-natal depression so he is worried about her.

Simon is going to work every day on a building site and coming home at night, tired both physically and mentally, to a wife who he loves very much but her behaviour and moods are draining - she has been at home all day with the baby and she offloads on him as he walks through the door - he is finding this difficult and their relationship is suffering.

Simon is also worried about money. With Steph not working they are relying on his wage alone so money is a bit tight and now that Steph has a PND diagnosis he doesn't feel he can share his concerns with her PLUS it means she won't be going back to work as quickly so their money worries will continue .....

Simon has just had a phone call from their landlord on the way home from work today - the landlord is intending to sell the house that they rent from him so they have been given their 2 months notice to move house .....

Simon catches up with his Site Manager the following day to ask about a wage increase - his Site Manager laughs at him - "No chance lad! Everything is on a tight margin" Simon explains a little about what is going on for him and his Boss replies "You'll manage - we've all been there - it's life lad!"

Simon doesn't feel as though he will manage, in fact, Simon is feeling rather overwhelmed by it all and can’t see how he can manage at all.

Maybe you have Simon in your organisation? Or perhaps the Site Manager works for you?

How would you handle the situation if Simon did work for you and shared his thoughts of hopelessness?