This is Sandra. Sandra is middle aged, recently diagnosed as menopausal and she feels dreadful. She never knows from one day to the next how she will be feeling and this medication from the Doctor doesn’t seem to be doing any good …. The last time she was there he suggested she should have anti-depressants too but she has no intention of taking them, she has read terrible stories about people who get addicted and that isn’t going to happen to her.

She recently lost her Mum after a long illness that she had done her best to nurse her through, and misses her terribly – people told her that time was a great healer, but she’s not feeling it.

Sandra has also heard that there is a potential restructure at work which could result in redundancy, so she can’t let anyone see that she’s struggling right now and she certainly can’t take any time off sick – that is sure to go against her and at her age, how would she ever find another job?

So much to think about, so many pieces to hold together just now and she’s not sleeping at night with these awful sweats – if only she could find some energy but the lethargic feelings seem to be getting worse but there is no way she is going to take those anti-depressants, whatever happens!

Does Sandra work for you maybe? If she did, would her manager be sensitive to her situation and be able to create the conditions for an honest conversation, with empathy and appropriate support?

Sandra is a great asset with many years of experience under her belt – could your business do the right thing by her?