This is Omar. Omar thought that he would be able to handle the repayments. It didn’t seem a lot when he originally signed up to it, but the amount still outstanding seems to be getting more, not less. He took out the loan from the local guy with the intention of clearing it quickly when his son needed the help – Omar and his wife so wanted to help him get his first home and this seemed like the only way.

Omar had been working longer and longer hours but still the overtime didn’t amount to much, and then the hours had been cut back as there had been talk of redundancy – that was a really stressful time thinking he might lose his job completely, and now  only able to work the minimum contracted hours, he seems to be falling further and further behind.

He was a very proud man and would never admit that he was struggling,  but he really couldn’t see how he was ever going to catch up and some days it was a real challenge just to face the world – he feels really overwhelmed by his situation and the shame of being in so deep is bothering him – he feels as though he has let his wife and family down …..

What if Omar was one of your employees? Would you be able to spot the signs and symptoms of someone who is feeling this way?

Would his manager be someone who would encourage a 1:1 conversation to try and support him appropriately? Do you have the skills and knowledge in your business to do the right thing here?