None of these people have what would be described as “diagnosed mental illness” but each has their own challenges that are causing them to feel hopeless, worthless and struggling to cope.

Nobody is immune.

Sometimes life is tough, things mount up, we move from feeling stressed to overwhelmed and possibly to having thoughts of suicide. Could you help someone who was feeling that way? Would you know the signs and symptoms to be on the look out for?

One in 20 people have thoughts of suicide – not all have a diagnosed mental illness, not all will be pacing on the bridge staring down into the water below.

Any one could be in your workplace – justifying themselves in a performance review, apologising in a return to work interview, trying to hold it together in a client meeting, feeling alone and isolated in the canteen.

If you recognise that stress to suicide is a possibility, and want to be able to protect your people, your bottom line AND your business reputation, we would love to help you do so.


Through a range of practical assessments and learning opportunities, from Boardroom Briefings to Toolbox Talks, we can help you ensure that your workplace becomes more alert to such challenges and can offer appropriate support that might even save lives. You do NOT have to become their counsellor or therapist, you do NOT have to have expertise in mental health – you need to spot the signs, learn how to conduct a conversation that offers help and hope WITHOUT becoming their personal problem solver and you need to be able to help them develop coping strategies and action plans that will keep them safe.


Once someone starts to feel overwhelmed, can’t cope, overwhelmed by life, burdened by their day to day reality, it can be very difficult to reach out to ask for help – weighed down under such heavy emotion, raising a hand can be almost impossible. If you were more aware and alert, you could reach in, do the right thing and help them inch back from the edge.


If you encouraged your company to behave more like a community, people may not feel so alone and have to hide their feelings and concerns. If your managers were skilled and confident then your bottom line and business reputation would be protected.

It’s a simple fact.

Nobody is immune.

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